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We are Elgabaly.

Experience the harmonious orchestration of the future of the 5G world

New Capital, Egypt
Full-service Architecture & Engineering Design
Telecom Egypt
75000 m2
Under Construction

Our design for Telecom Egypt's Headquarters is a reflection of our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of users in the workplace. By utilizing different sets of parameters in our design approach, we have created a building that is not only visually stunning but also energy-efficient, and promotes a healthy work environment. By combining advanced building technologies with parametric design, we have created a truly unique and forward-thinking building design.

The standout feature of our design is the parametric facade that curves and wraps around the building. This eye-catching feature is more than just a striking architectural element, it is designed to provide maximum climatic comfort in the internal spaces of the building, inspired by the ‘orchestration of waves that will navigate the future of the 5G world’. By incorporating sustainable building technology, we can ensure that the building reduces its carbon footprint while promoting a healthy and productive working environment.

Inside the building, the curving walls and ceilings create a sense of fluidity and spaciousness, while the advanced building technologies ensure energy efficiency and comfort for the users. The building's interior spaces are also designed to promote collaboration and productivity. Open floor plans encourage communication and teamwork, while dedicated spaces for relaxation and socialization provide opportunities for employees to recharge and connect with their colleagues.